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“One might describe what is happening in contemporary U.S television as a shift from appointment-based model of television viewing toward an engagement-based paradigm” (Spreadable Media, pg. 116).  More people are less engaged when it comes to sitting down at a certain time to watch their favorite TV shows because of other ways to watch it on your own specific time.

Because of DVR’s and mobile apps you can watch your favorite shows when and wherever you want. And this is the go-to on how most people watch TV now-a-days and i myself can agree that this is how i want TV too.

It seems to be more convenient for people to watch wherever is best for them because everyone has their own schedules. If someone were to work at 8pm and their favorite show was going to be played at that time they wouldn’t be able to watch it. But with our technology now people are able to do that.

I don’t think its a bad thing that most people don’t watch the show when its actually on air, strictly because at the end of the day the were to watch the show on another device anyways.

Do you think you are engaged in the engagement-base paradigm or are you more appointment-based?

If you aren’t aware of what a DVR is to be apart of the engagement-based paradigm here is what it is! Check it out.